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Punjabi Cultural distinctiveness pang Indian Consulate

Brampton ON (July 14th 2017)

“It was distinct honor as a Bramptonian Punjabi to attend the Punjab Pavilion in Brampton hosted by the Carabram. I want to thank Mr. Pritpaul Singh Chaggar, the chair of Punjab Pavilion to celebrate unity and diversity defying foreign diplomatic pressure” said Sukhminder Singh Hansra president of Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar Canada.

Every year, the city of Brampton is host pavilions of different culturals to celebrate diversity. Only this year the Carabram board decided to expand it`s pavilion display by including Punjab (east & west) Pavilion.

As reported by the Brampton Guardian;

“Last week, bureaucrats from the Consulate General of India, met with board and asked it to rescind the Punjab pavilion. The board maintained its position saying the festival celebrated cultures”

I applaud the comment made by Carabram president Ms Angela Johnson in the local press “This is Canada and we’re trying to do something that’s celebratory and educational”.

“As a Canadian I am offended, how a foreign diplomat pokes his nose in Canadian affairs? How can he get away with this asked” Hansra. “In Canada we celebrate and highlight diversity, unlike in India where minorities has no say” added Hansra.

Come and enjoy Punjab pavilions at Fletcher Creek in Brampton.




Shiromani Akali Dal (A) Canada

Sukhminder Singh Hansra


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