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Statement by Simranjit Singh Mann


The Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) is concerned about the Foreign Policy of THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State) which is turning away Nepal towards China. The Former Pakistan Foreign Minister Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri who is on a goodwill visit to THIS and has advocated that Islamic Pakistan and THIS’s text books in both the Punjab’s East and West should have the history of King Porus and Maharaja Ranjit Singh administration as lessons in the text books, has been attacked by the right wing Hindu fanatics which does no good to the image of the Narinder Modi government.

The learned people are returning their literary awards against the reactionary policies of the present BJP-RSS government at the Union. In the Punjab the Badal-BJP-RSS ruling party has killed and fired upon innocent Sikh’s who were sitting in protest against the sacrilege committed by the Dera Sirsa elements.

The fasting Sikh patriot S. Surat Singh who is on a fast to death is perhaps on his last legs. All he wants is that Sikh prisoners who have spent over 15 years in prison should be released but the Badal, BJP and Union government is not listening to such a reasonable and peaceful demand. This government says that the Sikh prisoners cannot be released as their terms in prison are not over yet. The President of THIS has supreme powers to grant pardon which the government in the Punjab and the Union can use for this purpose. Everybody remembers when an aeroplane was hijack from Amritsar, taken to Lahore, then Dubai and to the last destination Kandhar in Afghanistan this very BJP government of Prime Minister Vajpayee released many militants from prisons, which ended the hijacking incident. This means that the Union government of Premier Modi and Badal in the state does not recognize peaceful protests.

The farmers of the Punjab who constitute the back bone of the Punjab and Sikh economy have been on strike as their crops have failed because the Badal-BJP government has been distributing spurious insecticides to the farmers which have proved unsuccessful in protecting the farm yields. Chief Minister Badal is now using his tyrant police officers to smash the peaceful agitations by the Sikh’s and the farmers. Our party warns the Union government and the Punjab government of the consequences of using such brutal methods to suppress the Sikh’s. Simranjit Singh Mann

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