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The question of eating beef or not eating it has been a big problem and a question in THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State). The mutiny of 1857 was one such rebellion in which the Muslim sepoys thought that a pig’s fat was being used in the issued guns, while the Hindu sepoys thought it was the cow’s fat. Hence both mortal enemies got together in disgust of the fats being used. This was one of the main reasons for mutinying.

However, since 1947 when the Muslim’s got their state- Pakistan and the Hindu’s- India, this problem of eating beef or pork has become quite grave. The Hindu’s feel that the cow is a holy animal which gives milk, its urine is used for Ayurvedic medicines and its dung is used for plastering the kitchen floor and its walls.

When late Prime Minister Lal Bhadur Shastri went to Egypt on a state visit he was lodged in the Nile Hilton. A part of his suite was turned into a kitchen. Mr. Shastri’s wife who in her luggage was carrying cow dung used that dung to plaster the walls and the floor.

This is how the Hindu’s worship the cow, its urine and its dung. The late Jawaharlal Nehru use to eat beef as he thought of himself as a non-believer. Though, by birth he was a Brahmin. His friendship with Lady Mountbatten was well known. After the Mountnbaton’s left India Lady Mount Baton would send the best Alberta beef to Nehru. Alberta produces the best beef in the world. Besides beef Lady Mount Baton also sent Nehru the best scotch from time to time. Since then the Nehru family has been eating beef.

When Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister all baked goods like bread etc would come regularly from a bakery in Rome, flown in by air India planes. After him the daily Air India flight to Rome was cancelled as it did not have enough passengers.

Later AB Vajpayee became the Prime Minister. He likes a good scotch every evening. He is a Brahmin but he too like Nehru likes to eat beef.

This in a nutshell is the story of beef eating Brahmin Prime Ministers.

As far as the Sikh’s are concerned they go by the Akal Takhat Sahib Rehatnama (edict) which states that Sikh’s will not eat Halal meat which is eaten by the Muslim’s. The Sikh’s therefore, eat Jhatka meat which means the animal’s neck has to be cut with just one stroke of the Kirpan (Sward). Thus for the Sikh’s the cow is not holy or the pig unclean but some Sikh’s are strictly vegetarian. This is by choice. Simranjit Singh Mann

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